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Spend your day with us!

Woodside Farm is closed for the season!  

During summer months we are open for visitors to the farm, but are now closed for the season, see below: 

We would love for you and your family to come and spend some time with us. You can view our friendly animals, walk the gardens, play on our boat playground, view the historic barn, take a nature walk and find your way through our exciting Apple orchard maze. 

Entrance is $5/person.


You are welcome to bring in outside food or drink and have a picnic.



We have donkeys, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs, cows, turkeys, chickens, ducks and even a llama here at Woodside Farm. View the animals and have some close encounters when our friendly staff bring the animals up close.  

Play Area

We have a fun play area built for the kids with an old ship. The "Harpooner" represents the boat the Muir family took when crossing the Atlantic in 1849 to come to the new world and found Woodside Farm. 


Historic Buildings

The main farmhouse was built in 1883 (140 years old!) and is being renovated to serve as a guest house. Other important buildings are the “Milkhouse” which was built in the 1920s to store the milk from the cows that were being housed in the 1920s built Dutch Barn. Visit the beautiful hayloft of the barn by walking around the backside and crossing the bridge to the side door. 

Apple Orchard Maze

Our apple orchard was planted between 2021 and 2022 with over 1500 trees and has 25 varieties of apples. Most of these apples are excellent for juice and cider making. The orchard has been planted as a maze which you are welcome to explore. 


Inside the maze you will find 7 different colored stations. Each one has a Gumball Machine inside full of marbles. To complete the maze you must find all 7 different colored boxes and retrieve a marble from each one!


Vegetable, Flower and Berry Gardens

Walk around the vegetable, herb, berry and flower gardens. All our gardens are grown organically. There is a large strawberry patch, blueberry pathways, raspberries, haskap, currents, saskatoons, haskap, kiwi, grapes, peas, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, greens and many other fruits, flowers and vegetables growing. Have a taste at our sampling stations! 

Perimeter Nature Walk

Take a walk down to the pond in the lower barn field, cross the bridge and walk along the outside edge of the farm around the hay fields. This will take you up and around past our greenhouse and other gardens and back to the parking lot. A 15 minute walk. You can re-enter the farm through the farmstand.  

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