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Farm fresh local eggs, hay and produce!

Our farmstand is open 24/7 and operates on an honor system. Please come into the stand and have a look around. 

We sell chicken and duck eggs, microgreens as well as hay all year round.
Produce, berries and flowers, such as lettuce, strawberries, peas etc. are sold whenever in season. 

Write down what you take and leave cash in the money jar or send us an e-transfer to

Hay for Sale

We sell bales of hay grown at Woodside Farm from our farm stand for $15 a bale. Feel free to stop by anytime and buy as many as needed, we refill the stand each day. Contact us if you need more than 10 and we can help you load directly from the barn.

Eggs from Happy Chickens

Our happy chickens have about an acre of pasture and forest to roam freely. We never kill our chickens, even after they stop laying, we just let our "grannies" live out their natural lives peacefully.

Woodside Strawberries

We grow delicious strawberries at Woodside Farm which are available all summer long (June - Sept) from our farm stand. Stop in to pick up a pint! 


We grow fresh microgreens year round from inside our barn. Pea shoots, broccoli, sunflower and several others. If you haven't tried microgreens, they are a great way to get fresh locally grown produce even during the winter months. Add them to your salads or sandwiches for a pop of healthy food! 

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